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Annual Delta Tau Delta Group Photos

The photos below are the annual group shots taken each Fall for the official Delta Tau Delta membership picture in the WSU student yearbook, The Chinook. If you have a copy of the house photo from one of the years we are missing, please send it in. Scans of the black & white yearbook photos are acceptable, but I would much rather have color photos. So if you have a color copy of one of the B&W group photos below, please send it in.

Thank you to the following Delts for submitting the photos below:

  • David Rodgers - Class of '65 (1961 - 1963 photos)
  • Steve Tytler (me) 1974 - 1977 photos (scanned from yearbooks)
  • Alan Martinson - Class of '83 (1979 - 1982 photos)

Note: If you click on a photo, a full size version of that photo will open in a new window.

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1961-62 Group Photo

Top Row, left to right: Larry Link, Pete Reed, Gary King, Bill Nichols, Dirk Veleke, John Lundberg, Harry Schaler, Bob Bell, Gary Breaker, Mike Murray

2nd row, left to right: Bob Pearson, Bill Slaughter, Bruce Liebman, Terry Bech, Steve Schofield, Guy Marsh, Randy Carr, Dan McCormick, Marv LaPorte

3rd row, left to right: Bruce Wolf, Mike Durkee, Larry Swanson, Max Bolte, Steve Rodgers, Bruce Bailey, Wally Nelson, George Gleason

4th row, left to right: Roger George, Brad Everest, Rick Grimstead, Larry Thomas, Orlin Rajala, Mike Brassfield

Bottom row, left to right: Bob Fuller, Chuck Lucas, Steve Drummond, Lee Kloeppel, Svend Aukon

Not in picture, but in the house: Rich Axlund, Clark Daly, Bob Sharp, Don Butler, Frank Finnigan, and Bill Wells

David Rodgers ('65) 2/23/05: "Several of these guys have passed away - hopefully not too many more than I know of: Bob Pearson - shot down in his F-4 Phantom jet in Viet Nam, Steve Rodgers (my brother). Don Butler, not pictured died in a mountain climb in Nepal."

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1963 Group Photo

Top row, left to right: ???, Larry Link, Bob Bell, Rich Axlund, Rich Faletto, Marv LaPorte, Don Butler, Mike Murray, George Gleason, and Steve Rodgers

2nd row, left to right: Paul Norris, Larry Worswick???, Bruce Liebman, Gary Swenson???, Gordon Cromwell, Bob Sharp, Steve Drummond, Bill Slaughter, Bob Fuller (Fella), Rick Goranson, Clark Daly

3rd row, left to right: Harry Schaler, Dave Rodgers, Lee Kloeppel, Yvonne Lacroix(sp?), Bob Pearson, Dirk Veleke, Orlin Rajala

4th row, left to right: ???, Bob Keith, Bill Lokken, Jim Fritts???, Steve Koran???, Roger George, and Joel Olhava??

Names supplied by David Rodgers. Please help fill in the blanks or correct any errors.

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Fall 1974
"Gangster" theme group photo with the DTD hearse at a cemetery. That's me (Steve Tytler) kneeling by the front tire holding my shotgun -- not sure why I decided to bring a SHOTGUN to school. LOL !

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Fall 1975
Notice "Ernie" front row center.

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Fall 1976
Big Sky Motor Movie Drive-In in Pullman (I worked there with several other Delts in the Summer of '77)

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Fall 1977
Another Cemetery theme group photo. There I am (Steve Tytler) with my shotgun again! (kneeling, third guy from the "corpse" on the left)

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Fall 1979

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Fall 1980

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Fall 1981

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Fall 1982