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Pics courtesy of Ron Spillers - Class of ' 78

The "Foosball Wizards" (L-R): Ron Spillers (' 78) and Jeff "Red Eye" Shreves (' 78)

Warming up before heading to the bars in Moscow.

Spillers and his Chevy Malibu (and a beer). Notice the hearse parked in the background, and Johnny Beaver (' 79) washing his motorcycle.

Shreves practices on his unicycle, so he can join the circus if he doesn't graduate ;)

DTD Intramural Football Team. Spillers is running for a touchdown!

Spring Formal. L-R: Jeff Shreves, Jim Cornwall, Ron Spillers, Lynn Heimbigner (all Class of ' 78)

Spillers and his Little Brother, Paul Ingersoll (' 79)

Ingersoll and Shreves in front of the house. Mike Byers (' 79) in the background.

Shreves and Spillers in the front yard.

John "JohnBoy" Harris (' 78) and Spillers playing with a slinky on a pole (huh ?)

Shreves, Spillers and Jim Gray (' 78)

Shreves and Tom "TA" Addison (' 78)

Nora reads Cornwall a bedtime story

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