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Pics from the chapter scrapbook (1974-76)

"Delt Royale" casino night. L-R: John "JohnBoy" Harris (' 78), John's girlfriend, Steve Tytler (' 78)

"The Three Guys" (L-R): Jeff Shreves (' 78), Ron Spillers (' 78) and Tom Addison (' 78)

Spring Formal "Sally Sunshine" ceremony.

Stockings being hung by the chimney with care.

Have the boys been "naughty" or "nice"?

Tom "TA" Addison (' 78) holding plaque next to "Sally Sunshine" Dianne Fink

"Flying Burrito Brothers" - Jeff Salter and Phil Campbell.

Giving the hearse a bath.

L-R: Bruce Lucas (' 75), Phil Campbell (' 75), Lynn Heimbigner (' 78)

Doug Weiland (' 78) with "The Great Stoned Pumpkin" on the WSU library lawn.

And this is how "The Great Stoned Pumpkin" got onto the library lawn. The old pickup truck owned by Chuck Rogers (' 76) took a beating!

Eyewitness Account: "I rode in the truck with Chuck Rogers out to the local quarry to get the giant rock. We picked out a big "round" boulder that would work well as the "pumpkin." Then one of the quarry workers scooped it up with a big front loader. When the guy looked at Chuck's truck, he said "Are you SURE you want THIS rock in THAT truck?" Chuck said, "Yes. But BE CAREFUL!" You should have seen the look on the loader driver's face. He just shrugged as if to say, "OK, you asked for it," and then he dropped the big boulder into Chuck's pickup. BAM!! The boulder smashed into the bed of the truck with so much force that it knocked off the tailgate, which fell flat on the ground. The side walls of the truck bed bowed out to accommodate the bulging boulder, and the shock absorbers were smashed down to the point where they could no longer absorb any more shocks. The truck was riding dangerously low to the ground and the rear tires were scraping the inside of the fenders. The load was so heavy that we blew a tire on the way back to the frat house! I felt sorry for Chuck, but I have to admit, it was f***ing FUNNY!" -- Steve Tytler (' 78)

More pics to come!