WSU Delta Tau Delta photos from the "Golden Age" of the 1970's!

"Delta Tau Baby" - thanks to Don Grazzini ('76)

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Please send me your old WSU Delt Photos!

I am collecting photos taken at the Washington State University Epsilon Gamma chapter of Delta Tau Delta primarily during the "Golden Age" of the 1970's. Why was that the "Golden Age?" Because it was a time when WSU authorities literally let the students run wild on campus! There was NO attempt to enforce laws against underage drinking. We actually had kegs of beer on the front lawn of the Delt house -- right across the street from the WSU President's house -- and nobody cared! It was a great time to be in college.

We didn't all have digital cameras like the "kids" these days, so photos from the '70's are relatively rare. The pictures will be posted on this website to be viewed and downloaded by all. I want photos of parties, functions, candid shots around the house, random pics of house members, in other words, anything you have (no frontal nudity).

If you already have digital copies of your photos -- or if you can digitize (scan) them yourself -- please email the digital photos to me: photos-at-wsudelts-dot-com [Note: the email address is written this way to avoid spam spiders. Replace "-at-" with "@" and "-dot-" with "." to send email]. If you have a LOT of digital photos, it would be very helpful if you could upload them to a temporary web page where I could download them. If that's not possible, email the digital pictures to me ... or burn them onto a CD and mail them to me. Please include as much information as possible about each photo, i.e., "who, what, when and where." If you are unable to make digital copies of your photos -- or if you just don't want to go to the hassle -- you can mail your photo prints to me and I will make digital copies for you. Several of the pics posted on this site are digital scans I made from photos that were mailed to me. All original prints will be returned to you. Email me at the address above and I will give you my mailing address.

Digital Photo Specifications: Your digital photos should be ".jpg" format and approximately 640x480 to 680x510 pixels in size. Please don't make digital photos wider than 680 pixels, or they will not fit well on our web pages. On the other hand, please do not make your digital photos too small. We want photos that are big enough to download and provide decent quality prints. Again, I am happy to make the digital copies for you. Just mail your original prints to me.

I know it's a hassle to dig through your old storage boxes to try to find photos from so many years ago, but many of us were too lazy, or too stupid to bother taking pictures during our college years and we truly appreciate your efforts. Besides, you will be able to download all the photos that other Delts have dug out of their files to add to your collection. "Give a little, get a lot!"

Please send your photos in NOW!

Thank you for your help and cooperation,
Steve Tytler
Class of '78

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