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House History

In addition to photos, I am collecting historical information (not drinking stories!) about the Delt House. Please send me any information you can add to the following:

"Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Delta Tau Delta was chartered on December 1, 1956. Among the founding fathers were Roger Richert, Stell Newman, and Bill Lind. (Roger should be able to provide more information.) The original Delt Shelter (1956) was located at 1607 Maple Street, the farthest fraternity from campus. That is where I and six others became pledges in the fall of 1957 (I am member number 21).

Prior to being Delta Tau Delta, Epsilon Gamma was Kappa Iota Phi Fraternity, KIP, sponsored by the Kiwanis International service club. It may have been the only chapter of that fraternity ever to exist.

The house at 1607 Maple was not the greatest, had limited capacity, and was a long way from campus although I do have fond memories of the place as a freshman! Thanks to our House Corporation, I believe, (Roger should know) we moved to 906 Thatuna starting the fall semester of 1958. Col. Gustav Bacharach, head of the Army ROTC, was the House Corp. president and S. Towne Stephenson, Dean of Students, was either the vice president or the secretary. And, of course, C. Gardner Shaw was our chapter advisor.

During my time there, 1957 - 1962, I was chapter treasurer for two years and house manager for one and a half years, at the same time. I am now completing nearly 13 years as a Chapter Advisor, first at the University of Wyoming, now at Theta Omicron Chapter at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO." -- Larry Swanson ('62) - 2/10/05

906 Thatuna (circa 1965)

"We rented the house at 906 Thatuna (which is now the Bookie parking lot) from the University. As I recall, it was built in 1921 and was originally the Chemistry Hall. We used to have a lot of trouble with Bookie customers parking in our Fraternity parking lot. We bought the current house from the Phi Delts for something like $58,000 thanks to our advisor C. Gardner Shaw (father to Terry). Their new house was not ready yet, so in the Fall of 1969, we swapped houses. I remember Jim Stender and I showed up in early September and sanded off the Phi Delt insignia painted on the dining room floor as you enter from the front hall. Every door in the place had holes kicked in them, so we stuffed them with newspaper and covered them with contact paper before rush. During that year, the Phi Delts completely destroyed the old house at 906 Thatuna and it was demolished to provide the existing parking lot beside the Bookie." -- Jim Hoggatt ('71) - 2/8/05